About Masland Library

Claim Returned

Each week the library sends out notices on overdue material. If you get a notice for an item you have already returned, or see other materials on your account you returned or did not check out, contact the Library at library@cairn.edu.  The Library staff will perform an initial search, if the material is not found you will be asked to fill out a claim returned form (see below).  You may still receive overdue notices for this material.

Once a claim is submitted, the Masland Library will designate a "claim returned" status on the item for a limited period of time (21 days). During this time period, the Library and the patron share the responsibility of locating a library item. The Library will search the collection at regular intervals. The patron, in turn, is expected to thoroughly search his/her room, home, office, car, etc. for the item.

The Masland Library maintains a systematic checking out and checking in procedure. All returned items are checked in once at the service desk and then a second time before they are re-shelved. This double-checkin procedure significantly reduces error on the Library's part. If the "claim returned" item is not located at the end of the 21-day search period then the item will revert to its original "loaned" status, and the patron assumes responsibility for replacing the item.

The patron will be notified of the status at the end of the 21-day search period. The patron then assumes responsibility for replacing the item.  The Library will charge the patron for the market value of the item + a $15 processing fee.