About Masland Library

Mission and Goals

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Mission of the Library

The mission of the Masland Library is to support the institutional goals of Cairn University by providing access to information, material, and services that are integral to the instructional, research, and community service activities of the University.


1. To meet the resources needs for classroom and online instruction by acquiring, organizing, managing, and preserving a scholarly and well-balanced collection.

2. To meet the diverse information and research needs of the University community by providing high quality access to a broad range of information.

3. To provide friendly and effective service that promotes the use of Library resources.

4. To provide a functional, safe, comfortable, and attractive environment that fosters learning, collaboration, and research.

5. To preserve and provide access to the archives and special collections of the University and the communities in which it has played a major role; and

6. To enhance the availability of resources to the University community by promoting cooperation and sharing of resources with other libraries and institutions in the area, state, region, nation, and world.