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What is Inter-library Loan?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service through which library materials not owned or subscribed to by the Masland Library may be requested and obtained from other libraries for use by students, faculty, and staff.

The following materials can be requested through ILL.

BooksThese can be borrowed, usually free of charge, in their original form or in microform. If you submit a request you will be notified by e-mail as soon as the book is received. You may pick materials up at the library front desk any time the library is open. Length of loan period is dependent on the policy of the lending library. It usually extends between two to four weeks. Occasionally an item may be restricted by the lending library to be read within our library.

Photocopies of periodical articles or book chapters Copies of articles from journals that are not available at Cairn University are provided free of charge up to 20 pages. Print copies may be picked-up at the library front desk. Articles received via electronic delivery will be sent to you via your Cairn email address. You will be notified when either the print or electronic copies have been received.

Dissertations and theses Most libraries lend dissertations and theses. However, they may choose to limit the length and location of use. For example, one week, to be read in the library. The lending library may charge for the loan.

The following items cannot be requested through ILL

Audio-visual materials CDs, DVDs, phonographs, cassettes, films, filmstrips, and videos.

Rare books and Archival materials Libraries generally do not lend rare or archival books or manuscripts.

Materials that are held by Masland Library


Using Interlibrary Loan

Using Interlibrary Loan at Cairn University

Interlibrary Loan isn't meant to be the main avenue of research, it is instead an enhancement to your study.  The Library staff, with input from the Faculty, spend many hours selecting resources which will provide information for your research projects. However we know that as the curriculum expands and that each person has their own interests that there are times and papers which will stretch the research resources available.  When that happens we want to help you write the very best paper you can with resources that are the best for your assignment. So how do you use it?

Option 1:

  • Using our Database A-Z list select WorldCat Discovery
  • Search for the item you need
  • Once you find the item select it (use the title)
  • If we do not own the item then a "Request Item" button will appear
  • Select the Request Item button and fill in all of the fields listed.
  • If your item is an article we will email it to you; for books you will need to pick it up at the Library.

Option 2:

  • When searching our databases you may come across citations that are not full text. For these you can use the following steps to request the item. 
  • On the citation there should be a link that says "Full Text Finder" select it.
  • If the item is found in a different database it will be listed under Full Text Located, if there is nothing in that section you can select "Place ILL Request via OCLC WorldCat Discovery". 
  • Under Request a copy of this item there will either be a button to Request the Item or a notification to contact your librarian.  If there is a button click it, if there isn't then please send the citation to ill@cairn.edu.