About Masland Library



Another resource for Cairn University students is our consortia.  We belong to consortiums that allow students to use additional resources, what this means for the student is that you can apply to the Masland Library for the privilege of using these other libraries.  To see a listing of these libraries use the following link SEPTLA.

In order to apply you must meet the following criteria: 

1. You must be a patron of good standing, no fines, no overdues, and without a history of either of these.

2. You must apply in person to RS librarians or by email at library@cairn.edu prior to your visit.

3. You need to obtain in print or by email a copy of the completed consortia form; these forms are only good for 1 semester at a time.  

Please take the following documents with you when applying:

  • Student ID/Library Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Letter of Good Standing

Public Library Access

Public Libraries

One privilege of being a Cairn Student is the use of local public libraries. Cairn University library will not have all of the materials you will wish to consult for your school projects.  When that happens you have two options; use Interlibrary Loan or use the Bucks County Library system. 

To access the local library system you need to have a local library card. You do this by visiting the nearest library branch in Langhorne, the Pennwood branch.  Please take your student ID and state identification with you when applying for your Bucks county library card.  

You will be responsible for all materials you use from the public library.  Please view the Bucks County Library website for further details.

Pennwood Branch

301 S. Pine Street (Rt. 413 and Flowers Ave.) Langhorne, PA 19047-2887