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Printing @ Cairn

Printing & Scanning Overview

Printing & Scanning Overview

All Cairn students have the option to print from anywhere from any device, including mobile devices, to the Cairn Canon multifunction devices. Each semester students receive $30 in their printing accounts for copying and printing. Costs for printing are $0.10 for Black and White and $0.20 for Color. Balances are not transferable from semester to semester and double sided copies count as two pages. Once the balance runs out, students can add money to their account via Paypal.  

Your student ID is needed for printing.  However, if you do not have your student ID you can release your print job by manually entering your username and password.  See library staff for assistance. 

*If you have any issues printing please contact TS as they are responsible for the printers.  You can contact TS at ext. 4554 or via e-mail at