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Printing @ Cairn

Printing Instructions

Printing via E-mail

  1. ​Sign into Student Gmail
  2. Compose a new email
  3. Scan Student ID (OR type in Cairn Username and Password)
  4. Select Secure Print
  5. Select document or "Select All" option
  6. Select "Print and Keep" or "Print and Delete"

Printing via Website

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Cairn username and password and click login
  3. Click Choose File and select the file you would like to print
  4. Select the Only B/W if you do not want to be charged for color
  5. Choose your print options (try the stapling option; the copier can staple up to 30 pages) and select Submit
  6. Go to a copier, Scan ID (OR type in Cairn Username and Password), select the documents you wish to print in Secure Print, and then select "Print and Keep" or "Print and Delete".

Printing via Flash Drive / USB

*Only PDF, Tiff, and JPEG files can be printed using this method.

  1. Scan ID (OR type in Cairn Username and Password)
  2. On the main screen choose the icon labeled Access Stored Files
  3. Choose the Media Memory button on the right hand side
  4. Choose Memory Media (again)
  5. Choose Flash Drive
  6. Choose the document
  7. Choose document
  8. Choose Print
  9. Select page size (LTR, LGL, 11 x 17).
  10. Choose Start Printing
  11. When finished, choose the green arrow on the bottom right.
  12. Choose Remove
  13. Choose OK  (Memory Media can be removed)
  14. Choose OK
  15. Remove USB
  16. Log Out

Printing via Google Cloud Print

  1. Install the print driver on your PC or Mac
    1. Download and install the cloud print software from
    2. Open Google Chrome and login to your Google Account. Note that for this to work, you must be logged in with your Cairn account in Chrome
  2. Now print from any of your Applications
    1. Open your document (from whatever application) and press Print.
    2. Select Google Cloud Printer from the print dialog box.
    3. Next, Google Chrome will open asking you to select which printer you want to print to.
    4. Select Cairn-CloudPrint.
    5. Next, select the print options: change the Color option to Black and White if you do not want to be billed at the color rate.
    6. Click Print and then go to the Canon copiers to release your print job.
  3. Releasing your Print Job
    1. Go to one of Canon copiers and scan your Cairn ID Card (OR type in Cairn Username and Password)
    2. Tap Secure Print from the copier display and select the print job you had submitted earlier.

Video Instructions