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Printing @ Cairn

Scanning Instructions

Scanning a Document onto a Flash Drive / USB

  1. Scan ID (OR type in Cairn Username and Password)
  2. Place Flash Drive in the USB port on the right side of the main screen
  3. On the main screen choose the box labeled Scan and Store
  4. Choose Memory Media button on the right hand side
  5. Choose Memory Media (again)
  6. Choose Flashdrive
  7. Choose Scan
  8. Choose File name
  9. Create a name for the file
  10. Choose OK
  11. Choose Scan on the bottom right hand side
  12. Choose the Green Start button to start scanning
  13. Chose Start storing after you finish scanning all of your document
  14. Choose green arrow icon on the bottom of the screen
  15. Choose Remove
  16. Choose OK
  17. Remove USB
  18. Log Out

Scanning a Document & Sending via E-mail

  1. Scan ID (OR type in Cairn Username and Password)
  2. Choose the Scan and send button
  3. Choose the Send to myself button
  4. Choose OK
  5. Choose the green start button
  6. When finished scanning the document, choose Start sending
  7. Log Out