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Guide Information

This guide is designed to get you started on your research for Music History courses.

The resources listed in this guide are just a sampling of the resources available through the Masland Library.  Use the resources here to help you get started and then dig deeper into the library catalog and databases. 

Browse the Library

If you want to just browse the Masland Library shelves for books related to Music History use the call number ranges below.

  Call Number Ranges
Music M1-5000
     Instrumental Music M5-1480
     Vocal Music M1495-2199
     Literature on Music ML1-3930
           Dictionaries. Encyclopedias. ML100-109
           General works ML159-161
           By period ML162-197
           By region or country ML198-360.6
           Biography ML385-429
           Composition and performance ML430-458
           Instruments and instrumental music ML459-1380
     Musical Research ML3797-3799.5
     Philosophical and societal aspects of music.  Physics and acoustics of music. Physiological aspects of music. ML3800-3923
           General works ML3800
           Psychology ML3830-3840
           Aesthetics ML3845-3877
           Criticism ML3880-3915
           Social and political aspects of music ML3916-3918

Research Consultation

For Students, Staff, and Faculty: 

Need help finding sources?

Schedule a Research Consultation to discuss your topic and the best way to find sources.

To schedule a research consultation click here

Research Consultations can be conducted via Zoom, phone, or in person. 

For Faculty: 

To schedule a class session contact the Masland library at