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Printing @ Cairn

The Essentials

All Cairn students have a print balance each semester*; this print balance is 300 pages per semester or 150 for summer classes.  Students are charged $0.10 for black and white prints, and $0.25 cents for color prints.  If you print front and back on a page it counts as $0.20 (for B/W).  This print balance can be used on the printers in the computer labs, printing at the copiers, or to make copies. Please use the additional tabs to find more details about how to print at each location.

Your student ID is necessary if you wish to print; the reason is that when you send your documents it connects to the chip in your card and not your barcode.  If you have forgotten your card there are temporary print cards at the front desk in the Library.  To use these you have to provide collateral and pay $0.10 BW or $0.25 Color. 


*If you find a the beginning of the semester that you do not have a print balance, please call Technology Services at ext. 4554 or email them at