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Printing @ Cairn

Copier functions

Copying on the Multifunction Printer (Color and Black & White)

  1. Students shall make Black & White copies on either of the two multifunction units; 1st floor & mezzanine.  The mezzanine also allows for color copying.
  2. Students shall press the logoff button when finished with any of the units.

Student Charges

  1. Students receive a $30 credit each term for printing/copying; calculated at 10 cents per page/side. Students requiring additional pages pay the Cashier in the Business Services office and bring a receipt to Technology Services.
  2. Students will be notified by email when they have balances at or less than $5.
  3. Students can check their balance on the Copiers (MFP’s).
    1. Log in to the copier
    2. Choose Secure Print- the information is listed on the upper left hand side.

Printing using the Color Multifunction Printer (Mezzanine & Copy Room)

  1.  Log in to the lab workstations, using the Cairn email authentication
  2. Print jobs should be sent to the Multifunction Print Anywhere (Cairn- MFP Print Anywhere on uniflow2).
    1. Choose the Properties button
    2. Choose the Color tab
    3. Choose the drop down menu that states “black and white” and change it to Auto Detect
    4. Log out of the lab workstations when finished.
    5. Go to a color copier (Mezzanine or Copy Room).
      1. Scan student ID on taupe scan station on the left side of the copier
      2. Choose Secure Print.
      3. Select documents to print (Print and Delete).
      4. Log Off
      5. If your card does not scan contact TS at ext. 4554.

Sending Documents to Copiers

  1. You can now print any document by attaching it to an email from your Cairn account: email .

Other Features of the Multifunction Printer

Printing a Document from the Flash Drive into the Multifunction Printer

  1.  Scan/log in with your ID
  2. On the main screen choose the icon labeled Access Stored Files
  3. Choose the Media Memory button on the right hand side
    1. Choose Memory Media (again)
    2. Choose Flash Drive
    3. Choose the document
  4. Choose document (Only prints out PDF’s, Tiff’s and Jpeg’s)
  5. Choose Print
  6. Select page size (LTR, LGL, 11 x 17).
  7. Choose Start Printing
  8. When finished, choose the green arrow on the bottom right.
  9. Choose Remove
  10. Choose OK  (Memory Media can be removed)
  11. Choose OK
  12. Remove USB
  13. Log Out

Scanning a Document into an USB Drive

  1. Scan / log in with your ID
  2. Place Flash Drive in the USB port on the right side of the main screen
  3. On the main screen choose the box labeled Scan and Store
  4. Choose Memory Media button on the right hand side
    1. Choose Memory Media (again)
    2. Choose Flashdrive
    3. Choose Scan
    4. Choose File name
    5. Create a name for the file
    6. Choose OK
    7. Choose Scan on the bottom right hand side
    8. Choose the Green Start button to start scanning
    9. Chose Start storing after you finish scanning all of your document
    10. Choose green arrow icon on the bottom of the screen
    11. Choose Remove
    12. Choose OK
    13. Remove USB
    14. Log Out

Scanning a Document and sending it via Email

  1. Scan/log in with your ID
  2. Choose the Scan and send button
  3. Choose the Send to myself button
  4. Choose OK
  5. Choose the green start button
  6. When finished scanning the document, choose Start sending
  7. Log Out