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New Student Library Guide: Library

A Brief Introduction to the Masland Library

Masland Library

For all things library visit:


The Masland Library offers various services to support the academic pursuits of all students.  Services include:
  • Meet with a Librarian - one-on-one or group appointments for assistance in navigating the library resources, the research process, and locating the best resources.  To schedule an appointment using the following link 
  • Information Literacy Module - covers the importance of information literacy skills, getting started with a research process, understanding the research process, citations and more.  Includes tutorials, videos, and quizzes.  Click here to explore the Information Literacy Module.
  • Technology - the following technology is available for student use:
    • Chromebooks - students must sign a Chromebook agreement prior to checking out a Chromebook.  Click here to access the Chromebook agreement
    • DVD External Drive
    • Power Banks
    • Charging Cables
  • Microsoft 365 Free Download - all students are able to download a free copy of Microsoft 365.  Click here for more information.
  • Printing in the Library - while Technology Services is responsible for printing at Cairn, a multifunction black and white/color printer is available in the library.  For information on printing click here.
  • Textbook Finder Tool - a tool create by the library.  Includes a list of all the books required for courses, including link to the eCampus Store for purchasing required texts and information on library availability of required texts.  Click here to access the most recent Textbook Finder Tool.
  • Reserves - resources required for courses and requested by professors to be placed on reserve.  Resources on Reserve can be used for 2 hours in the Library.  Please Note: Reserves does not include all textbooks required for a course.
  • Research and Course Guides - a great starting point for research.  Guides have been created for specific courses or subject areas.  New guides are being added on a regular basis. Click here for a list of currently available guides.



The Masland Library has a wide range of resources available to students, including:
  • 130,000+ Print Books - print resources are available for all majors and subject areas taught at Cairn University.  Click here to search the Masland Library Catalog.
  • 1 million+ eBooks - a collection of electronic books related to all majors and areas of study at Cairn University.  eBooks can be accessed from anywhere, you do not have to be in the library to use them.
  • 300+ Databases - Click here to access an A-Z List of databases available through the library.
  • 80,000+ eJournals - Click here to access Browzine to browse current issues of eJournals. 
  • 1 million+ Streaming resources - including scholarly and popular videos, music, audio clips, and more.
  • DVDs - a wide selection of scholarly and popular films. 
  • CDs
  • Print Journals
  • Archives


The Masland Library is designed to be a place of quiet reflection and study.  The following spaces are available for student use:
  • 3 Conference and Collaboration Rooms - equipped with technology.. Students can plug in and display their laptops onto large tv screens.  Great for working on group presentations. Rooms must be booked in advance and are limited to group study.  Click here to book a room and for more information on the room policies. 
  • 3 Study Rooms - specifically designed for individual or group study.  Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved.  
  • Computer Lab - equipped with 8 computers.  
  • Abundance of Study Space - various spaces through out the library for studying quietly either individual or as a group.  
  • White Boards - various white boards are available throughout the library, great for working through math problems, studying languages, and so much more. 

Interested in a job at the library?

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Please Note: Limited opportunities are available each semester.