Textbook Guide

This Guide Will:

  • Explain how to find which textbooks are required for your course(s).
  • Show you how to use the Masland Library's catalog search function and Textbook Finder Tool (TFT) to check if the Library has the books required for your course(s).
  • Point you to sources for purchasing or renting your textbooks. 

NOTE: The eCampus bookstore is the primary source for textbooks for your course(s).

Know Your Options

You have many options for accessing your required textbooks.  Be sure to consider all your options.

Gather Textbook Information:

Before ordering your textbooks, make sure that you have the following information for each textbook to ensure that you are getting the correct textbook(s) for your course(s):

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publication Date
  • ISBN
  • Edition

This information can be found on the course syllabus, eCampus store, or the Library TFT