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Christian School/Christian Education Resources: Accreditation

Why seek accreditation and/or recognition?

US Department of Education states that "there are no specific federal laws or regulations governing the recognition of associations that accredit primary and secondary schools, and the U.S. Department of Education has no oversight role with respect to school accreditation.  Most states have laws requiring or encouraging accreditation for public schools and state-chartered private schools.  Schools that possess accreditation and state approval by authorities recognized at the state level are considered to be recognized schools in the U.S. education system.  In addition, private schools that are accredited by other associations recognized by the federal Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and State are also considered to be recognized."

Federal and State

"State governments have the authority to regulate public preschool, primary and secondary education; license private preschool, primary, and secondary schools; and license or otherwise regulate parents providing home schooling. They also, in many cases, establish and oversee curricula, standards, and procedures. Most state governance occurs via state departments and boards of education, but certain other aspects are often regulated through specialized agencies." (US Dept. of Ed.)

International Schools

US Department of State, Office of Overseas Schools provide assistance and promotes a small number of international schools for dependents of American citizens who are carrying out department "programs and interests of the US Government abroad."  These schools are listed on its website (  They do not include Christian schools.


Further contacts

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