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Christian School/Christian Education Resources: Types

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Christian Reformed Schools

These are Christian schools that are run/heavily influenced by the Christian Reformed churches.

Christian Reformed Church Statement on Christian Education ( provides a clear understanding of the Christian Reformed School Movement.  It "affirms that Christian school education is a communal as well as a parental responsibility. Churches and groups of churches are therefore encouraged to provide congregational support so that the church’s children can be educated in a way that acknowledges the lordship of Jesus Christ in all subject areas. After adopting a report on Christian day school education in 2005, synod recommended that church members be involved in establishing and maintaining Christian schools that teach the biblical, Reformed vision of Christ’s lordship over all creation."

Christian International Baccalaureate

Christian Classical Schools

University Model Schools

This method attempts to combine the best of homeschooling with the best of traditional schooling movement in a hybrid.

These are funded schools that are independent of public schooling, with a specific focus towards Christian education.

Christian Charter Schools

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