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How Do I?: Act in a Library

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Etiquette Policy

The Masland Library is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Due to our open campus policy we also allow visitors from the community and alumni to use our collection.  All persons using the library should be able to show valid forms of identification if asked (acceptable ones include: student ID or official state identification).  The following is expected of all those using the library:

  • Observe all posted signage
  • Be fully clothed (including shoes)
  • Keep personal belongings with you at all times*
  • Be mindful you are in the library (loud conversations, phone/video calls, video use without headphones, is prohibited)
  • Leave chairs and tables where they are
  • Be respectful to all

*Cairn University is not responsible for lost or stolen property. 

Any persons displaying inappropriate behavior will be given a warning; if they persist they will be asked to leave. Unacceptable uses of the facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Exhibiting personal behavior that interferes with the effective delivery of library services or use of facilities by others, including loud and /or disruptive conversation
  • Creating disturbances that cause others to feel uncomfortable or threatened, including physical assault or use of abusive, threatening, or intimidating language
  • Listening to music without headphones, participating in online courses calls/live chats/face time, or using cell phones in a manner that disturbs others
  • Mutilating, defacing, or damaging materials, equipment; or furnishings
  • Moving tables, chairs, and equipment without permission
  • Removing or attempting to remove materials, equipment, or furnishings without permission
  • Failing to return or reconcile for the loss of borrowed materials or equipment
  • Concealing library materials within the library for exclusive use by an individual or a group
  • All types of roller skating, skateboarding, or bicycling in or around the Library
  • Bringing weapons into library building facilities, unless authorized
  • Opening emergency exits, except in the event of an emergency
  • Being in unauthorized areas of the building or remaining in the building when it is closed or during emergency evacuations
  • Bringing non-service animals into the library
  • Leaving children under 17 alone in the library

Food, Drink, and Cell Phone Policy

The Masland Library is committed to creating a clean, comfortable environment conducive to reflection, study, and intellectual pursuit.  With this in mind, reasonable limits are in effect regarding food, drink, and cell phone use.  Patrons not in compliance with these guidelines may be asked to leave.

  • Food
    • Food is not permitted in any library space
  • Drink
    • Drinks in approved, spill-proof containers are generally allowed in the library, containers not considered acceptable include open cups, mugs or glass bottles
  • Phone and video calls
    • Phone and video calls should be taken outside of the library only in areas where conversations do not disturb others (enclosed back stairwell or cafe).  Please silence cell phones in the library. The use of cell phones on speaker phone, facetime, skype, or any other

Individuals will receive one warning. Repeated disregard for the etiquette policy of the Masland Library will result in being asked to leave the building and the loss library privileges, including but not limited to inability to use study rooms, checkout materials, and/or use of the library. In addition, a report will be filed with the Office of Safety and Security and submitted to the Dean of Students.

Safe Campus Initiative

Cairn University is committed to the provision of a safe campus for all members of the educational community. The University has created a “Safe Campus Initiative” that unifies governing policies and creates a team of trained professionals. This initiative allows Cairn to orient new community members, train students and employees on preventive measures and provide methods of making reports when concerns exist.

If you see students or visitors abusing the etiquette policy and feel it warrants reporting please use tell a Library staff member and use the link below to report the incident. Reports are safe and confidential.