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How Do I?: Act in a Library

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Etiquette Policy

The Masland Library is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Due to our open campus policy we also allow visitors from the community and alumni to use our collection.  All persons using the library should be able to show valid forms of identification if asked (acceptable ones include: student ID or official state identification).  The following is expected of all those using the library:

  • Observe all posted signage
  • Be fully clothed (including shoes)
  • Keep personal belongings with them at all times
  • Be respectful to all

Any persons displaying inappropriate behavior will be given a warning; if they persist they will be asked to leave.

  • Eating food in the main stacks (food is only permitted in the lobby)
  • Behaving in a loud disorderly manner
  • Annoying, harassing, fighting, using profanity, or crude slurs
  • Use of phones or video chat
  • Use of skateboards, hover boards, or scooters in buildings
  • Sleeping (please use the commuter lounge)
  • Inappropriate PDA (public displays of affection)
  • Destroying, damaging or defacing library materials or furniture
  • Smoking, vaping, or use of tobacco or alcohol
  • Bringing non-service animals into the library
  • Leaving children under 16 alone in the library
  • Not signing into the Masland Library if a visitor or alum
  • Not paying for prints made
  • Any other activity not condoned by Cairn University

Any individual who violates these rules multiple times may be banned from using the Masland Library. If banned your name and ID number will be given to University Security.

Safe Campus Initiative

Cairn University is committed to the provision of a safe campus for all members of the educational community. The University has created a “Safe Campus Initiative” that unifies governing policies and creates a team of trained professionals. This initiative allows Cairn to orient new community members, train students and employees on preventive measures and provide methods of making reports when concerns exist.

If you see students or visitors abusing the etiquette policy and feel it warrants reporting please use tell a Library staff member and use the link below to report the incident. Reports are safe and confidential.