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How Do I?: Give a donation

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Gift book policy

Cairn University

Masland Library


Collection Development Policy


VI.  Gifts


A.        General Statement

Gifts of material resources must support the mission and goals of the department, except in cases of rare or unusual value or interest.  Gift materials are not really free in that the department will incur costs for processing.  The department generally accepts only gifts which are made without conditions.

B.     Disposition

Not all donated materials are suitable for the collection.  The department does not promise that donated items will be added to its collection.  The department reserves the right to dispose of donated items in accordance with its policy and procedures.  Books not added to the department collections are either made available for other libraries or sold at book sales which the department may hold from time to time.

As a general rule, the following will not be added to the collection:

1.         Out-of-date materials with no historical value.

2.         Textbooks.

3.         Duplicates if additional copies are not needed.

4.         Materials in poor physical condition.

5.         Preservationally unsound materials.

C.        Acknowledgment

The department will notify the Development Department of the University whenever a gift is received.  The University generally acknowledges only the receipt of the donated items.  The University will not place a value on the items received.  The Masland Library in some instances, at the discretion of the director, may place bookplates identifying the donors.

If you would like to donate

The Masland Library appreciates that you want to donate your items.  As stated in the document to the left while gift books may be "free" they require staff time and attention.  Therefore if you wish to donate please email

In your email please include the following:

Type of donation

Amount of donation (number of items or boxes)

Date & Time you would like to drop off items

Contact information