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Literature: Internet Collections

Explore Literature as form and view short guides describing various periods and forms.

Visiting Special Collections

For those scholars who are serious in their pursuit of primary source data, special collections are one of the best resources the scholar can access.  Some are found attached to libraries, while others have their own buildings.  The scholar can generally find basic information about the special collections from their websites, but here is a brief list of items you should have with you when you visit. 

  • school idenification/state I.D.
  • pens and pencils
  • paper/computer
  • digital camera (you can study the text via your computer later)
  • money for copies
  • gloves/tissue (sometime supplied on location)

Students should always check out the collections website prior to the visit to check on specific policies, what time the collections is open to the public, whether cameras are allowed, and eating/drinking rules before proceeding.  If you are really diligent you can check to see what resources might be in closed or open stacks. 

Digital Collections