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Faculty Introduction: Requesting Resources


Methods of Contact

  • Interoffice Mail: Send catalogs with requested materials to the attention of Gwenn Lochstet
  • Email: Stephanie Kaceli ( and Gwenn Lochstet (
  • Online Form (

**Please search the Library Catalog prior to submitting requests.  If the Main Campus Library holds the item, there is no need to request.** 

Information to Include with Request

  • Select Type of Material
  • Fill in Author, Title and any additional publication information you have available.
  • Enter professor’s name and, if applicable, course number
  • Contact Information is required
  • Click “Submit This Suggestion”
  • Multiple items? Send requests to Stephanie Kaceli (

Reserve Requests

Please send the above information to Stephanie Kaceli ( and copy Laura Saloiye (  This will ensure that the book is purchased and that it will be added to reserve after cataloging.  In addition to the above information please include the number of students per class and the Course ID so that the books will be added to the correct class. 


    All items that you request will be placed on Hold for each you personally or for Reserves if you have ordered the item for that purpose.  All other library materials can be placed on hold only if the following status is present.

    • It is currently checked out to someone else
    • It is an item purchased, but not yet cataloged
    • It is lost and you would like it if it is found

    If you wish to have your students use the item during the semester than please request the item to be placed on Reserve (see the Reserve tab above for more information).

    For DVDs: We frequently have professors ask for DVDs to be placed on "Hold" for them.  We do not pull DVDs until the Professor or Academic Assistant comes to retrieve them.  If you need them the next day we can pull them and take them to your office as well.  Most of the DVDs bought for the professors for teaching purposes are rarely if ever checked out by students unless they are trying to catch up with something they missed for class.  And as DVDs can only be checked out for a maximum of 3 days by students they are generally returned very quickly.