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Faculty Introduction: Library Instruction

What is Library Instruction?

What is Library Instruction?

Library instruction includes instruction on both how to evaluate information resources and how to use library resources such as the library catalog or other bibliographic databases. It prepares individuals to make immediate and lifelong use of information effectively by teaching the concepts and logic of information access, and by fostering information independence and critical thinking.  With all the information available to student's today library instruction is an invaluable tool for both students and faculty members.

Our goal at the Masland Library is to reach every student at Cairn University during their scholarly tract.  There are a variety of benefits for both the student and the faculty when students understand how to utilize the resources our library has to offer them.  For the students there is the oppertunity to spend less time struggling to locate resources so that they can spend their time more effectively, this creates a less stress and a better learning environment.  For faculty the benefits include papers with information that is more easily verifiable, has a broader spectrum of opinions and ideas, as well as allowing for better organized papers.  When we teach students to think critically, we essentially give them the power to shape their own educations. 

If you would like to schedule a library instruction session for your class or if you would like to request a person session for yourself please contact Laura Saloiye ( or ext. 4371.

Student Survey

Reasons for Library Instruction

When asked the question below prior to the Library instruction session the response below showed that about half of the students present did not understand plagiarism.

When asked the same question after the session the understanding had improved the results.