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BIB 100: Introduction to the Bible is a course that provides an overview of the Bible and instruction on how to read the text.  This course includes a survey of the story of the Bible, an examination of basic principles of biblical interpretation, study of canonicity, ancient and modern versions, and the importance of the Word of God for faith and life.  

This guide is designed to help you with your course work (such as the Habakkuk paper) and research skills.

Browse the Library

If you want to just browse the Masland Library shelves for books related to BIB 100 use the call number ranges below. 

  Call Number Ranges
Old Testament BS701-1830
New Testament BS1901-2970
Works about the Bible BS410-680
      Criticism and Interpretation BS500-534.8
      Study and teaching BS585-613
Works about the Old Testament BS1110-1199
       Criticism and Interpretation BS1160-1191.5
Works about the New Testament BS2280-2545
      Criticism and Interpretation BS2350-2393
      Study and teaching BS2525-2544

Research Consultation

For Students, Staff, and Faculty: 

Need help finding sources?

Schedule a Research Consultation to discuss your topic and the best way to find sources.

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Research Consultations can be conducted via Zoom, phone, or in person. 

For Faculty: 

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