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Guide Information

This guide is designed to get you started on your research for your Politics courses.

The resources listed in this guide are just a sampling of the resources available through the Masland Library.  Use the resources here to help you get started and then dig deeper into the library catalog and databases. 

Browse the Library

If you want to just browse the Masland Library shelves for books related to Politics use the call number ranges below.

  Call Number Ranges
General legislative and executive papers. J10-981
     United States J80-87
           Presidents' messages and other executive papers J80-82
Political Science JA1-92
     Dictionaries and encyclopedias JA60-64
     Theory. Relations to other subjects JA71-80
     Study and teaching.  Research. JA81-84
Political theory. The State. Theories of the state. JC11-605
     Modern State JC131-273
     Thomas Paine JC177-178
     Nationalism. Nation state. JC311-314
     Political geography JC319-323
     Patriotism JC329
    Forms of the state JC348-497
    Purpose, functions, and relations of the state JC571-605
Political institutions and public administration JF20-2112
     General. Comparative government. JF20-1177
          General works. History. JF51-56
               Organs and functions of government JF225-619
                    Executive. Heads of state. JF251-289
                    Parliamentary government JF331-341
                    Legislation. Legislative process. Law making. JF491-619
              Political rights. Political participation. JF799-1177
     Political administration JF1339-2112
           Civil service JF1501-1521
            Political parties JF2011-2112
Political institutions and public administration (United States) JK1-9993
     United States JK1-9593
           Government. Public administration. JK404-1685
                 Executive Branch JK501-868
                 Congress. Legislative Branch JK1012-1432
                 Senate JK1154-1276
                 House of Representatives JK1308-1432
            Political rights. Practical politics. JK1717-2217
            State government JK2403-9593
Local government. Municipal government. JS39-8500
      History JS55-68
      Executive branch - Mayor JS141-163
      Legislative branch JS171
      Elections. Local elections. Municipal elections. JS221-227
      Local government other than municipal JS241-271
      United States JS300-1583


Research Consultation

For Students, Staff, and Faculty: 

Need help finding sources?

Schedule a Research Consultation to discuss your topic and the best way to find sources.

To schedule a research consultation click here

Research Consultations can be conducted via Zoom, phone, or in person. 

For Faculty: 

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