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Grace Livingston Hill: Getting Started

Grace Livingston Hill

   Grace Livingston Hill began her career as a storyteller at an early age.  Her mother frequently told her stories and encouraged her daughter to do the same.  Mrs. Hill completed her first story at the age of 10 and didn't stop writing until her death at the age of 83.  She wrote two to three stories a year with books averaging around 80,000 words.  By the time of her death she had over a hundred books to her credit. While most of these books would be considered romance novels, they encouraged the readers to a deeper relationship with the Lord.  She was known as one of the bestselling authors in American history and has had a number of reprints as her works are still quite popular.

   Mrs. Hill made her home in Swarthmore, PA and while not writing was a loving mother and was very active in church activities.  Outside of her writing she was well known at her church for her love of hats. 

Did you know?

Cairn University has a long history with Mrs. Hill and her writings. 

  •  The library at the Bible Institute of Philadelphia was named the "Grace Livingston Hill Memorial Library".
  •  The library at Philadelphia Bible College was named the "Scofield-Hill Memorial Library".

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