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Ebooks @ Cairn: Download ebooks

A guide on using ebooks

Download an ebrary eBook

Using Ebsco eBooks

Dowloading a GVRL eBook

Cairn ebook collections allowing downloads

Ebook Central, EbscoHost, EBL, and GVRL eBook collections allow current faculty, students and staff of Cairn University to download content to readers and other devices. 

Please Note: Ebook Central, EbscoHost, and EBL require the installation of Adobe Digital Editions in order to download content.

Helpful Tips

  • Not all books are available in eBook format
  • Not all eBooks can be download and read offline
  • GVRL eBooks can be downloaded by chapter but not as an entire book
  • ALL eBook collections are available online using your web browser
  • To access eBooks you need to login using your 14 digit University ID barcode and pin.
  • Every eBook vendor (Oxford, Ebook Central, Cambridge, JSTOR, etc.) have different rules for downloading, copying, printing, and emailing content.  This will be clearly marked on the individual eBook's page.
  • The majority of eBooks available through the Masland Library are scholarly.  Popular/leisure titles can be found through the Bucks County Library System.


Downloading an eBook from a EBSCOhost database

  1. Click the Full Download icon for the eBook you would like to download.
    1. Note: If you are not logged into your My EBSCOhost folder, you are prompted to do so.
  2. Select a Download duration from the drop-down menu and confirm that you have Adobe® Digital Editions or equivalent reader software installed.
    1. Please select a short duration for download – as for many titles once you have downloaded the book it is no longer available for other students.
    2. Please return books as soon as you are done using them, so that they will be available to other students
    3. Note: For some titles, you may see the option to select either the PDF or ePub format for an eBook.
  3. Click the Full Download button.
    1. The eBook will be added to the Checkout area of the folder, accessible from the upper-right corner of the EBSCOhost interface.
  4. Select to Open or Save the file from the resulting dialog box.
    1. If you Open the file, your eBook is opened with Adobe® Digital Editions.
    2. If you Save the file, the eBook is saved to your computer and can be opened with Adobe® Digital Editions at a later time.
  5. When a downloaded eBook is opened, it is displayed in Adobe® Digital Editions.

For more information visit the EBSCOhost ebooks User Guide.

Downloading an eBook from a Proquest database

  1. Click the Download book button
  2. Select the device that you are using
  3. Click the Continue button
  4. If you have Adobe Digital Editions Click “Done with this step”
    1. If you don’t have Adobe® Digital Editions Click the Get Adobe® Digital Editions Button
  5. Select the Loan length.
    1. Please select a short loan length for download – as for many titles once you have downloaded the book it is no longer available for other students.
    2. Please return books as soon as you are done using them, so that they will be available to other students
  6. Click the Download button.

For more information visit the Proquest ebook help page

Downloading ebooks from Overdrive.

  1. Select Borrow
  2. Select Borrow for length.
    1. Note: Some books only have a 1 day loan period
  3. Click Borrow
  4. Select how you want to read the book.
    1. Read now in browser
    2. Download EPUB ebook
      1. Note: You will need Adobe® Digital Editions in order to download
  5. When you are done with the book go to Loans and return the book.

For more information about borrowing, downloading, and returning ebooks visit the Overdrive help page

Required Software

Mobile Devices

Bluefire Reader is needed for Apple products

Kindle users

Kindle Users must download the PDF or epub document to your desktop before transferring it your Kindle using the specified software.

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions 

2. Download the Send to Kindle software provided by Amazon

3. Once you've selected an ebook for download, follow the instructions to download as a PDF

4. To send the PDF to your Kindle:

From Windows Explorer, simply right click on one or more documents and choose Send to Kindle.

From any Windows application that can print, select Print and choose Send to Kindle

Drag and drop, one or more documents onto the Send to Kindle application

Why eBooks

While some users prefer print and the Masland Library has continued to add print titles to our physical library, eBooks play an important role in an academic library. For example, ebooks are:

  • Portable
  • Allow 24/7 access
  • Full-Text Searching
  • Many titles include unlimited users so that more than one student can be using the same book for research

Request an eBook purchase

Do you think Masland Library should purchase a specific eBook or wish you had access to a specific book for research?  Contact us with your request.