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Social Work Research - A Guide for Social Work Majors: Journals: Online & In Print

Social Work Databases

Journals are a good source of primary information and a lot of research papers require that you include journals. They are published on a regular basis (usually quarterly or monthly). Some journals publish articles that report on the outcomes of academic research while others provide practical information to practitioners in the field. The Library subscribes to a range of journal types from newsy magazines to journals that detail academic research and debate. Two very common types are peer-reviewed/peer-reviewed and trade publications. Navigate thorough the list of databases below to find the best journal for your research. Note also the tools on the right hand side.

Search all Databases for Journals

After you perform the search, change the Format type on the left (filter the results) to: Academic Journals.

Tools for Effective Research

The following links are video tutorials on the various steps involved in effective research. If you are new to research, it is recommended that you view all these resources first.