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Philosophy of CS Lewis: Mere Christianity

Thoughts and argumentation, as opposed to the literary qualities. of canon of CS Lewis.


Concepts and Critique

Key Words, Terms and Distinctions - Be sure that you know what these mean and why they are important.

Law of Nature (page 18 and throughout Book 1), also Law of Human Nature
Materialist point of view vs. Religious point of view (closed universe vs open universe)
“Christianity and water” (page 47)
Evil as privation (Book 2, chapter 2)
Dualism (Book 2, chapter 2)
Free Will defense (Book 2, chapter 3)
4 Cardinal Virtues (Book 3, chapter 2)
 - Prudence
 - Temperance
 - Justice
 - Fortitude
3 Theological Virtues (Book 3, chapter 9)
 - Charity
 - Hope
 - Faith
“begotten, not created” (Book 4, chapter 1)
Bios vs Zoe (Book 4, chapter 1-4)

Resources for Further Research