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Library Etiquette and Policies: Food, Drinks, and Phone/Video Call

The Masland Library is committed to creating a clean, comfortable environment conducive to reflection, study, and intellectual pursuit.  With this in mind, reasonable limits are in effect regarding food, drink, and cell phone use.  Patrons not in compliance with these guidelines may be asked to leave.

Food, Drink, and Phone/Video Use

  • Food
    • Food is not permitted in any library space, including ALL group spaces/study rooms.
  • Drink
    • Drinks in approved, spill-proof containers are generally allowed in the library, containers not considered acceptable include open cups, mugs or glass bottles.
  • Phone and video calls
    • Phone and video calls: taken outside of the library. Please silence cell phones in the library. The use of cell phones on speaker phone, facetime, skype, or any other is not permitted in the library, including the computer lab.
    • Live video conferencing, including online courses, is not permitted in the library, including the computer lab.

Why can I not eat or have uncovered drinks in the library?

Critters & bugs love crumbs, food, and sugar. They also like books and wires. Because of this, please enjoy your food in the cafe BEFORE coming into the library and finish your drinks before throwing your cups away.

Repeated disregard for policies of the Masland Library will result in being asked to leave the building and the loss library privileges, including but not limited to inability to use study rooms, checkout materials, and/or use of the library. In addition, a report will be filed with the Office of Safety and Security and submitted to the Dean of Students.