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Studying for the MCAT

Intended to connect students with MCAT preparation resources, groups, and tools.

MCAT Overview

What is the MCAT? 
"A computer-based standardized exam used by medical and other health professions schools for assessment of student readiness in a medical curriculum" (Cheesman, 2023). 

What is the Purpose of the MCAT? 
"The purpose of the MCAT is to assess prospective medical school applicants on the knowledge that they have attained during their undergraduate education. The test has been devised by looking at what is required for success in medical school and in the practice of medicine, as determined by medical educators and practicing physicians" (Cheesman, 2023). 


Cheesman, K. L., PhD. (2023). Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Magill’s Medical Guide (Online Edition).