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Ebooks @ Cairn: FAQs

A guide on using ebooks


Q: I am trying to access an ebook database and am being asked for a username and password. Where do I find this information?

A: Most of the subscribed databases do not require passwords (those that do are clearly marked in the Database A-Z list). Virginia Tech uses the Off Campus Sign In system which means authentication is needed to access the materials. All you have to do is enter your PID and password on the library webpage and then proceed to whatever resource you were using.

Some databases do require you to set up an account within their system even though you may already be logged in under your Virginia Tech ID. All you have to do is sign up using an email and username and password. Don't worry through, it's free because you are logged in under your Virginia Tech PID.


Q: How do I access eBooks from off campus?

A: Because some of the library's resources are restricted to current Virginia Tech faculty, staff and students, additional steps are required to access it when off campus.

You must be authenticated through the Off Campus Sign In system which will prompt you to enter your Virginia Tech PID and password. Once you have been authenticated, your browser will be redirected through one of the library computers located on campus so it appears as if you are on campus. This should allow you to access most of the restricted resources.


Ereader flowchart


Have questions about how to cite an eBook for your paper? Make sure to check out the library's citation guidelines.