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Ebooks @ Cairn: EBL

A guide on using ebooks


About EBL

EBL includes subject areas from the following fields: Architecture and Design, Health and Science, Education, Language.

These titles can be searched, read online, and downloaded to your computer.

How to Download/copy/paste in EBL

To download EBL ebooks.

  • Click Read Online on the left side of the page.
  • Log in using Virginia Tech PID and password.
  • Click Download on the navigation bar located on the left side.
  • Select format for download. Either Adobe PDF or ePUB.



To copy ebook.

  • Log in using Virginia Tech PID and password
  • Click Copy on the top bar in online viewing of ebook.

*You must remain in copy mode to select text for copying.

*You can only copy a limited amount of pages (<5%).



To print ebook.

3 print options:

  1. Single page (current page)
  2. Print range
  3. Full chapters

*Max. print limit is 61 pages.


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