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R.I.D.E. : Websites

Resume, Interview, Dress and Etiquette: some of the essentials necessary for finding a job. This guide also has Job Listings and websites to help you in your search.


Begun on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn is social media for professionals.  Instead of seeing pictures of summer vacations, new babies, and hearing about someones lunch date, LinkedIn is a place for employers, employees, and those looking for jobs can go to find possible positions or to scout out new talent.  A user can post his/her resume and build a professional network.  With over a 161 million users in 200 countries this social media tool is a great way to build business awareness and to build great teams.  It is estimated that 1 million people join every 12 days.  LinkedIn is also has one of the best cash flow companies in that it's worth is around 2 billion, with a budget firmly residing in the black.

Websites for locating jobs

There are a plethora of websites dedicated to listing Jobs around the country and in towns near you.  Here are some examples.