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Ebooks @ Cairn: Ebook Central

A guide on using ebooks

About Ebook Central

EBook Central from ProQuest offers authoritative ebooks in a wide range of subject areas, along with powerful tools to help you find, use, and manage the information you need..  When downloading, the site will walk you through what reader is needed for a particular device.  Laptop/Desktop need Adobe digital editions and iOS and Android mobile devices need the Bluefire Reader.  See Ebook Central's step by step video for more information.

Helpful Tips

Under settings, the citation format can be changed to APA, Chicaho/Turabian, Harvard or MLA.

New Interface informs patron: if title is unlimited access, if available for online reading or full download, and how many pages can be copied and/or prinited.


How to download/copy/paste in ebrary


To create a downloadable chapter that doesn’t expire:

  1. Open the book online

  2. Select a chapter in the Table of Contents

  3. Click the Download Chapter button
  4. Select What to Print to PDF (specific page, page range, current chapter) and citation style and click Continue.  Follow instructions to open in or save to PDF.
  1. Highlight text you wish to copy.

  2. Right click or select InfoTools on top bar.
  3. Click copy.
  4. Copy text from pop-up text box.

  1. Right click or select InfoTools and click print.
  2. Select desired print range.